Finding, Creating, and Adding Members to a Team

Finding a team

A team is a collection of people, conversations, files, and tools — all in one place. A channel is a discussion within a team and is dedicated to a department, project, or topic.

When you launch Teams you will see the teams you are already a part of as well as public teams.

  1. Click on Teams to the left side of the app
  2. There are two possible views of Teams: Grid or List
  • The view option is in Settings found by clicking on your picture in the upper right
    • Grid View (Default) – Shows all of the teams you are member of.
    • List View (Recommended) – Keeps a collapsible list of Teams and Channels on the left of the Teams plane.


Creating a team

Teams can be created for Schools, Departments, Committees, projects, or events. To create a team, have your department chair e-mail with a proposed name and brief description.


Adding people to a Team

  1. Click on More options ... next to the team name
  2. Select Manage Team  
  3. Click the Add Member button
  4. Enter a team member’s name and find them in the list.
  5. Click Done


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